Saturday, May 8, 2021

SUP Racer training Program

Improve racing skills, recognize effective and efficient training methods

SUP Racer training Program

SUP Racer training Program is for those who are interested in participating in the SUP competition. The coaching team develops different technical training methods for each player based on the individual goal. We provide 1on1 suggestions for individual and help improve their personal weaknesses and effective progress.

Coach team:

Active athletes with rich experience in the competition, who have won top three in SUP races in China and China HK. Coaches have been to different international competition, and have trained hundreds of young paddlers through the youth training program.

Goal: Improve racing skills, recognize effective and efficient training methods

Teaching object: Interested individual who want to join SUP Race and with solid paddling skills

Period: 1-2 day training course

Teaching content

(The training content will be selected according to the student’s ability)

  • Recognize individual competition goals
  • Set a personal training plan
  • SUP Technique upgrade
  • Training methods
  • Wind, crosswind, downwind training
  • Paddle Stroke frequency
  • Buoy Turn training
  • Beach Start
  • Understand and choose the right equipment
  • Short distance training
  • Long-distance skill training
  • Psychological factors
  • Video analysis
  • Physical fitness training
  • Drafting
  • Wave zone training
  • Venue analysis
  • Competition skills in different waters

Teaching conditions:

Open water, any safe waters

Certificate issued:

AST Racer Certificate

Note: The training program is subjected to change due to weather condition


Optional for 1 or 2 days of classes

-1 day: 1100rmb/person
-2 days: 1900rmb/person
-3 day: 2550rmb/person
-4 days: 3000rmb/person
-5 days: 3250rmb/person

*Class would be canceled if there is less than 8people




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