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Taiwan Local SUP Guiding Tour

From: $470.00

A chance to do some SUP Paddling while admiring the beautiful scenery of Taiwan!

We offer 3 types of packages throughout the year, you could choose to go to the famous Twin Candlesticks of Jinshan Cape, or Elephant Trunk Rock of the Shenao Cape.

In addition to the tours, we also offer SUP Surfing lesson! See below for the detail description of each package.


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Target: Any participants from different countries,
Participants can book any of the below tours via AST.

*Note that the following package Does Not including meal, insurance, flight, Local Transportation, and 80USD Asia SUP Tour Entry Fee.

(I)  Twin Candlesticks SUP Tour

The islets were once part of Jinshan Cape. Due to the continuous movement of tectonic plates and coastal erosion, they separated from the island of Taiwan. Initially, they were a single rock arch, but the top collapsed thus made them look like two candlesticks.
The tour will lead you to explore Twin Candlesticks and bring you to the secret beach along the coast.

Difficulty:2stars (Eddy and strong current around the coast, Join the tour if you’re not familiar with the coast and ocean)

  • Weekday Price:470 HKD/60USD/410RMB/pax (3hours)
  • Weekend Price:570HKD/75USD/500RMB/pax (3hours)

(II) Elephant Trunk Rock SUP Tour

The elephant trunk rock is part of the Shenao Cape. It has a sea-eroded rock wall, looking like an elephant nose. The geology of the Shenao Cape is due to the continuous erosion of rainwater and the northeast monsoon.

Tour Highlight: SUP under the Elephant Trunk Rock, snorkeling and look for the high density of coral reefs the secret spot!

Difficulty:3.5stars (Different spots to get into the water, suitable for intermediate paddlers)

  • Weekday Price:470 HKD/60USD/410RMB/pax (3hours)
  • Weekend Price:570HKD/75USD/500RMB/pax (3hours)

(III) SUP Surfing Lesson

The professional coach will teach you how to SUP Surf and surf safety.

Weekday Price:470 HKD/60USD/410RMB/pax (3hours)
Weekend Price:570HKD/75USD/500RMB/pax (3hours)

Tour/ Group Size: 1-4 people


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