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SUP Technical Certificate Course


Levels: Beginner, Intermediate (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Duration: 2 hours

Age: 8-18+

Time Slot:
A. 10:00-12:00
B. 13:00-15:00
C. 15:00-17:00

Lessons Available Every day!
-Please register at least 3 days in advance.


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Stand-up Paddling is attributed to the Hawaii surfers who wanted to surf in outlying Islands without taking a boat all the time and it evolves as a popular competitive sport and recreational sport nowadays.

Asia SUP Tour offer SUP certificate courses, members will get the certificate issued by Asia SUP Tour after finishing the course requirement and it is recognized by HKSUPBA. Members will learn the SUP skills such as correct posture of paddling, paddle in different directions, different paddle strokes and moves, ocean knowledge, safety talk, rescue and going for journeys with different distances. The progression of different levels enables members achieving confident, skills and knowledge to do other SUP associated activities such as long distance tour, racing, SUP surf, planning for your own journey.

Beginner Certificate Course

Board introduction
Paddle talk: How to paddle forward and backward, maneuver
Positioning on the board: how to stand-up paddle
How to entry & exit water
Water safety: How to fall in the water properly

Price :

2 Hours Session Membership One-day Pass
Private 1 on 1 ¥800 ¥900
Private 1 on 2 ¥550 each ¥650 each
Group of 3 to 6 ¥450 each ¥550 each

* You will be arranged with different students.

* Price includes equipment, instructor and AST SUP certificate.

SUP Intermediate Certificate Course

Target:     SUP Beginner Certificate or equivalent

Paddle strokes

– Sweep stroke

– Bracing

– Sculling draw

– Draw stroke

– Focus on body rotation when paddling

– Upwind & downwind paddle: foot position & posture


– Step-back turn

– Bow turn

– Figure of 8/ Challenge course

Ocean Knowledge

– Basic map orientation

– Reading wind, swell, current report

– How the weather affect our trip planning

– Trip planning

Basic Rescue

– Leash towing

Short Journey: 2-6 km

– Safety: Boat traffic, speed boat

Equipment Selection

– Different board & paddle types & advantages

Beach & Water Safety

Paddling Condition:

Wave height:     0.5m – 1m

Wind speed:     0 – 10 knot (Force 1-3)

Intermediate Membership
(Min. 4pax)
One-day Pass
Price (Min. 4pax)
Lesson Duration Assessment
Bronze ¥600 each ¥700 each 2 4 hours Complete 2 km paddle in 45 mins.
Silver ¥1200 each ¥1400 each 4 8 hours Complete 4 km paddle in 75 mins.
Gold ¥1800 each ¥2100 each 6 12 hours Complete 6 km paddle in 120 mins with force 3 sea condition.


* You will be arranged with different students.

* Price includes equipment, instructor and AST SUP certificate.


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