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The paddle board instructor Bryan Ng of the International Surfing Association personally taught 2 days of ISA International Paddle Level I coaching certificate, which includes international standards for paddle board teaching, safety at sea, coaches and student equipment, and strengthening of their own paddle action and concept.
ISA International Paddle Board Level 1 Coaching Certificate
How to qualify:
1. 100% attendance and complete 2 day full course
2. Pass the quiz
3. Completion of the 20-hour internship and certified by a qualified ISA secondary coach
4. Effective open water lifeguard certificate
(The open water lifeguard certificate can be completed within one year, or participate in the ISA instructor’s lifesaving class to achieve the minimum forensics qualification.)
5. On the first day of class, two half-length photographs and two photo ID cards are required.
Bryan Ng Wu Yufeng (Hong Kong, China), Paddleboard Instructor, International Surfing Association
The ISA first-stage paddle coaching courses were held in several places, including Russia, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. Experience.
Wu Yufeng Main professional qualifications
International Surfboard International Paddle Coach Instructor
International Surfboard Association professional paddle coach qualification
Professional lifeguard qualification of Hong Kong Life Saving Association
Hong Kong Swimming Association professional swim instructor qualification
Hong Kong Baptist University professional fitness coach qualification
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association professional dragon boat coach qualification
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association professional referee qualification
Professional wakeboarding instructor of Hong Kong Skiing Association
Registration fee:
¥5000 fee includes: insurance, ISA license fee, lunch, teaching materials, equipment
(Mahalo will arrange transportation and accommodation on behalf of the
About ISA (International Surfing Association,
ISA governs and promotes almost all wave sports in the world, including surfing, paddle boarding, paddle boarding, longboarding, fascia boarding, knee boarding, double surfing, and sand boarding.
The surfing course of ISA International Surfing Association has long been recognized by the world as an international course. The organization is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
1. Public transportation
  • Futian Transportation Hub E26–>Dapeng Terminal M231-→ Terminal Sation,Dochong
  • Shenzhen North Station E11 –> Dapeng Terminal M231-→ Terminal Sation,Dochong
  • Hong Kong Kowloon Tong Express (Hou Dao Tour)–> Dapeng Terminal M231-→ Terminal Sation,Dochong
  • Hong Kong Fanling Center Express (Hangdao Tour) –> Dapeng Terminal M231-→ Terminal Sation,Dochong
2. Cars can be arranged to pick you up from the Futian Port of Lok Ma Chau (please notify when you sign up)
contact staff and will give you booking advice.
Payment Method:
Mainland Wechat payment: 13535140154 Yipchau
Number of Mainland banks: Bank of China 621790 7000013982101 Xinyi Branch of Huiyang District
Transfers in Asia and Hong Kong Banks: 112-315957-838 HSBC
Sonic Composite (HK) Company Limited
*Please enter the number after filling in the registration form and send the receipt to tiotio910 or Saber_Zhu0623.
Then there is a special person to notify and receive the online version confirmation letter.
Contact Info.:
The Mainland of China : Yipchau +86 13535140154 /
Mainland China and Hong Kong: Tio +852 5220 5111/+86 17817491120 / Wechat: tiotio910
Wechat Public Number: AST亚洲直立板联盟


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