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Lanjing Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. takes the promotion of sports events as its leading role, devotes itself to the development of sports events, sports marketing and promotion of sports events, sports media management as one of the professional operating agencies. In response to the call of Dongyang to carry out national fitness campaign, it is a professional company engaged in sports development, training and sports equipment sales. Undertake various competitions, develop the cohesion of employees, coach intermediary center, equipment sales department six organizations. Build a perfect service system, rich educational resources, responsible coaches, wholeheartedly for Dongyang sports enthusiasts to provide all-round services such as technical action analysis and illustration of various projects.

Dongyang Lanjing Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service organization specializing in planning and undertaking various sports events, interesting activities, ceremonial ceremonies, literary and artistic performances, exhibitions, press conferences, business promotional performances and rental of various etiquette supplies. We have professional planning and design, which is unique in the formulation of the plan. At the same time, we maintain close business network relationship with all kinds of media, performance companies and star brokers both inside and outside the city, and ensure the company’s full range of resources.

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “details determine success” and “thinking creates wealth”, and successfully provided new creative planning for major enterprises and institutions. The company’s strong sense of service, high professional skills and unique creativity have won the trust and praise of people from all walks of life.

In line with the business purpose of creating value for customers, with professional technology and management team, innovative planning and service concept, the company seeks opportunities for cooperation and development between you and Landscape. We pay attention to the integration of industry information, take the advanced concept as the blueprint, win the market with specialty, and build brand with reputation.
Our mission: to create the best advertising value with the best service, the latest planning and the most efficient execution.

Corporate Idea: We can’t change the nature of things. What we can do is to show the good things to more people.

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