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Cheung Chau Family Walk, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong
107 San Hing Street New Territories HK

Cheung Chau island has long been one of Hong Kong’s most popular island retreats, provide SUP courses, experience, SUP Tour, rental & retails.

J&J 槳板俱樂部位於香港長洲觀音灣沙灘(興記士多旁)

***教練持有國際認可專業資格ISA Qualified SUP Coach***

Our Programs

  • 初级証書教學課程(兩小時) Beginner SUP Certificate Course HKD500
  • 銅章課程Bronze Course(四小時/ 4hrs) HKD800
  • 銀章課程Sliver Course (八小時/8hrs)HKD1,200
  • 兩小時體驗 2hours SUP Experience HKD380
  • 半天四小時體驗4hours SUP Experience HKD500

一般SUP器材租用 SUP Rental

  • 一小時HKD120
  • 兩小時HKD200
  • 半天四小時HKD 300

Naish Wing Surfer Experience

  • Naish Wing Surfer + Naish Hover 135 SUP Foil Board + Naish Surf Foil
  • 1小時=HKD 380
  • 2小時=HKD 500

Wechat: 85294150908
Whatsapp: (852) 94150908 – Johnson Wong

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Established at Stanley for over 40 Years, your guarantee of Experience and Quality…
Hiwindlover is a water sport center located in Stanley Beach since 1970s.

Accessible at any tide state and exposed to the best wind statistics on the Hong Kong Island, Hiwindlover provide windsurfing, stand up paddle(SUP), kayak and small sailboat rentals and courses.

Hiwindlover also offers the idea setting for identifying and developing skills within your staff, team or family and can offer a range of courses to meet your desired outcomes. Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate event, we tailor the day to suit your need so that everyone has a great day.

Our Programs

We rent out and sell watersports equipment, Watersports wear, like wetsuits, sun protection wear, water shoes, etc. We also conduct Windsurfing, sailing ,SUP, surfski, kayak courses and fun day

G/F 26C, Monterey Place, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong 26.24 km

Established in 2001 by a group of sports professionals, Blue Sky Sports Club was inspired to provide our members with unique experiences in various sports activities.

Blue Sky Sports Club aims to help our members to learn different water sports related skills & techniques and our biggest goal is to let our members to enjoy their time in ocean.

We provide training & events on different forms of water sports such as swimming, kayaking, stand up paddling, surfing, dragon boating and wakeboarding.


Our mission is to assist our members in finding a sport they truly enjoy. Whether you are trying to improve your fitness level or train for competition, we provide instruction for various skill levels and objectives.

Our programs are designed to develop skills and improve health and fitness. We believe that to succeed in a sport is to have fun.

Stand Up Paddling History

SUP began in the 1960s in Hawaii, when surfing instructors used the technique to position themselves for taking photographs. More recently, professional surfers used the technique for training and have become “wildly popular”. Supporters cite the ease of learning as a key to its popularity, with beginners becoming comfortable in as little as an hour of training. SUP boarding highly popular with both men and women worldwide.

What are the advantages of Stand Up Paddling? What makes it so fun?

Stand Up Paddling is a “new” water sport that is fast growing where invented by Hawaiians for photo taking. Over the world, it is now becoming a water sport, which focus on the core fitness with distance flat-water paddle as well as stand up paddle surfing.

In SUP, one can paddle on the open ocean, in harbors, on lakes, rivers or any large body of water. One of the advantages of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the angle of visibility. Because of the standing height over the water, one can see both deeper into the water and further across the surface of the water, allowing better visualization of features others lower above the water may not be able to see, whether it is the marine life in the harbors, lakes and coves or the incoming swells of the ocean marching on the horizon.

Stand up paddle is a phrase that is quickly gaining in popularity. Over the past few years the sport of stand up paddle boarding has grown significantly and now people are throwing yoga into the mix.


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