Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kenny Kaneko SUP Training Program

Kenny Kaneko, the top paddler in Asia, is going to help the development of Asia athletes by his unique SUP Training Program. Kenny has developed a systemic way of SUP training; it works best with his consultation session. The program aims to help paddlers improve their SUP racing performance.

A.Beginner Program

This is a set beginner program with 1 consultation session with Kenny.

B.Intermediate Program

This is a set Intermediate program with 2 consultation sessions with Kenny.

C.Custom Program

Kenny will start the custom program with consulting the individual on what he/she wants to achieve (target race, fitness, target distance in the race), then Kenny will design the program accordingly. Every two weeks, Kenny will check the progress and do the feedback with the individual via e-mail.


  1. Which program should I choose?

It depends on individual’s paddling ability. Kenny suggests to start with the beginner program, then step up to the intermediate program. If you want a personal hands-on training program with more consultation sessions, custom program suits you the best.

  1. What is the content different between Custom program and Normal Beginner/ Intermediate Program?

For beginner and intermediate program, these are the set content for every participant. Kenny will give constructive feedback to every participant individually.

For a custom program, Kenny will set the program according to the participant’s data, analyse the collected data and give constructive feedback every two weeks.

  1. How can I apply for the program?

You can fill up the form on this link:

Pay the fee via bank transfer, send the receipt to

There will be AST staff contact you within 3 working days via email.

Banking Information:

Account Name: Sonic Composite (HK) Company Limited

Account no.: 112-315957-838

Bank: HSBC Hong Kong


Bank Address: 1Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

  1. How many time can I consult Kenny during the program?

For the Beginner program, the participant has one consultation only.

For the Intermediate program, the participant has two consultations only.

For the custom program, the participant has three consultations in total for 4weeks program. Also, the participant can ask questions if needed.

(I) One consultation before the program starts

(II) One consultation after two weeks

(III) One consultation after the program

  1. Can I contact Kenny directly regarding the program?

Participants will do the consultation session with Kenny via, AST can provide the translation if needed. If you are doing custom program, you can ask questions via this email.

  1. What should I prepare before joining the program?

For beginner and intermediate program, you need to collect the following data before the program starts:

Name, Age, Years of SUP paddling, height, weight, sports background, goal, 30mins paddling trial, heart rate during 30mins trial.

For the custom program, Kenny will let you know what should you prepare at the first consultation.

kenny Kaneko Profile

DOB: 01/21/1988

Nationality: Japan

  • Top1 Paddler in Asia
  • 3 Times Japan National Champion (2014, 2017, 2018)
  • Undefeated in Japan since 2017
  • 5th Place 2018 ISA World Championships 200m Sprint
  • Born in Japan and raised in Southern California, Kenny grew up surfing and playing various sports. Kenny played soccer for the youth national team in the US before moving to play professionally at 17 before a career ending knee injury. He found the love for paddling through his father who had paddling outrigger canoe. His outrigger paddling brought him to SUP where he started paddling in 2013. After winning the national championships in 2014, Kenny put his focus on international competition and currently competes internationally throughout the year. He is pursuing his dreams of putting Japan and Asia on the map of the international paddling scene and currently working on promoting the sport in Asia thru competition and training.