Tuesday, September 22, 2020

News & Happenings

We’re very excited to announce the coming Asia region races in 2020! “Please not that these are the races organised by each Asian region, It is not part of Asia SUP Tour 2020. For information regarding Asia SUP Tour 2020, stay tuned with us!” If you know the date of your regional SUP Race, SUP
Asia SUP Tour is now looking for more interested Local Race organizers to be our partners, and organizing Asia SUP Tour 2020 in your region!! In 2019, we have partnered up with 4 local race organizers in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. With the utmost effort we have put in, The first Asia SUP
Asia SUP Tour website acts as an online hub, gathering SUP news, events, races, athletes and clubs information among Asia countries. We aim to promote and help with the growth of SUP sport and connect SUP clubs among Asia Countries. In 2019, we have held Asia SUP Tour 2019 League races in Taiwan, Korea, Hong