Sunday, April 18, 2021
We're very excited to announce the coming Asia region races in 2020!"Please not that these are the races organised by each Asian region, It is not part of Asia SUP Tour 2020. For information regarding Asia SUP Tour 2020,...
Jade Jim, Hong Kong, 16-Year-old 今天覺得自己能出去浪區,非常開心。嗯,我是真的可以做到的。賽前我問香港隊教練Bryan,比賽時會不會很大浪,他說不會,但他忘了告訴我一件很重要事,就是海面上會有很大的流。我有好幾個新朋友,因為大流的原因很難出浪區,但最後我們都完成了,大家都很開心。下一站,韓國見。 我12歲開始划板,已經有4年時間,最開始是因為放假都一直在家看電視,父母不想我在家看電視,於是就把我送到俱樂部來了,而我也慢慢喜歡上這個運動。每次成功越過浪區,我都會覺得很開心。我相信,神一定會幫我的。 I feel stoked that I can get past the impact zone today. Well, I can do it. Before the race, I asked my coach Bryan whether there would be big waves during the race. He...
2nd Taiwan Paddle Games is schedule on 4-5/5, 2019. Stay tune!@TAIWANPADDLEGAMES   Here are some photos of 2018 Taiwan Paddle Games
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