Friday, February 22, 2019

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Location: Hong Kong

Established in 2001 by a group of sports professionals, Blue Sky Sports Club was inspired to provide our members with unique experiences in various sports activities.

Blue Sky Sports Club aims to help our members to learn different water sports related skills & techniques and our biggest goal is to let our members to enjoy their time in ocean.
We provide training & events on different forms of water sports such as swimming, kayaking, stand up paddling, surfing, dragon boating and wakeboarding.

Location: Taiwan

Whatzsup TW 是 WHATZSUP香港總公司 的台灣分公司,自2013年開始, WHATZSUP便成為了中、港、台三地廣受歡迎的一間特色俱樂部。

本公司專門販售『SUP立式划槳衝浪 / Standup Paddleboard』的運動裝備,以及提供相關SUP專業教學和旅程的服務。


Location: China

AST is based at Xichong, Shen Zhen. It’s located at the most southern part of Tai Pang Peninsula, is entitled to be one of the most beautiful beaches out of eight in China. 

We provide membership, surfing and SUP courses, oversea sports travel, equipment rental, corporate training, youth development programs, we also cooperate with different brands and sponsors, holding big events and races; ultimately operating SUP franchise around Asia.

Location: China, Guangzhou

鲨咖shaka sup创建于2018年,是广东省一家以高端亲子教育切入潮流水上运动市场的新锐品牌。我们致力于发现旅游度假景区周边独特的优质水域资源,并以与之匹配相应的体育旅游形态为切入点,创造改善体验终端旅行度假新方式,通过不定期举行培训课程、小型赛事、企业团建、班级研学和寒暑假营会等活动,以形成小型区域水上运动休憩目的地,同时最大程度地保护自然生态与文化多样性与持续性。

Location: Foshan



Location: China


Location: Vietnam

Walking on the water. We can paddle around Long beach. Someone who can want to join SUP meeting contact with managers.