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한국 스테이션

RACE DATE: 13th JULY 2019
날짜: 7월 13일 (토요일)

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Race Category

Athletes who fail to complete the race beyond the time limit are defined as “Did Not Finish” (DNF). Safety boat will then take you to the finish area.

6km Distance + 200m Sprint

Board Type: 14 Feet or below inflatable SUP


  • Asian Men Open (아시아 남자 오픈부)
  • Asian Women Open (아시아 여자 오픈부)
  • Asian Master Men O40 (아시아 남자 마스터부)
  • Asian Master Women O40  (아시아 여자 마스터부)
  • International Men Open (인터네셔널 남자 오픈)
  • International Women Open (인터네셔널 여자 오픈)
Cut Off Time: 90 mins

2km Distance + 200m Sprint

Board Type: 14 Feet or below inflatable SUP


  • Asian Junior Boys  (아시아 주니어 남자부)
  • Asian Junior Girls (아시아 주니어 여자부)
Cut Off Time: 45 mins


Hyangh-Ri San56, Jumunjin-Eup, Gangneung-Si, Seoul, South Korea

Jumunjin (Venue in South Korea) is located on the east shore.

Air Temperature:23°- 30°

Type: Open Sea Race
Wave condition: 57% of the summer time would get less than 0.5m wave ;36% of the summer time would get 0.5m-1.3m wave
(Info from: )

Adverse Weather Arrangement

If bad weather conditions occur during the races, the General Assembly has the right to decide whether to cancel the event according to the prevailing weather conditions.

Suggested Accommodation


Name: Kangneung Sea Training Center of Youth

Address: Hyangh-Ri San56, Jumunjin-Eup, Gangneung-Si, Seoul, South Korea
Postal Code: 25403

Click here for additional info about this place:
Price: Free
-Foreign athletes their crew (including family) can stay in Kangneung Sea Training Center of Youth for free during the race from 11July to 14July.
-Due to the limited vacancy, the priority for free accommodation goes to the athletes first and crew and then their friends.



강릉시 주문진읍 향호리 산56번지


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Other Hotel Options

1) Kangreung Value Hotel ★★★★☆
Price Range: ~$60USD
Contact number: 033-820-0000
Address: Jumunjin Eup, Jumunjin-Ro 59, Kangreung, Kangwondo. South Korea.

2) Hi Sea! Gangneung Jumunjin Sodol)
Distance from the venue: Jumunjin beach: 6mins by car
Price: State on the website
Detailed Info:

3) An Ocean Teerace
Price: State on the website
Detail info:


Option 1: Free Shuttle Bus Service
Directly from Incheon Airport to race venue
Time slot:
A. 11/7 (Thursday) 12:00nn
B. 12/7 (Friday) 12:00nn

From race venue to Incheon Airport
C. 14/7 (Sunday) Time TBC
D. 15/7 (Monday) Time TBC

-The time may changed according to the estimated arrival time of the racers.
-It is a 45 Passengers seated Coach.
-Only one coach per day.
-It takes 3 to 3.5 hours for the ride.

Option 2: Car rental (Self-drive)
It takes about 3 hours from Incheon International Airport to the Venue by car. (259.44km)

Route: Incheon International Airport Highway (35.7km)  OlympicDaero (38.6 km)  SeoulYangYang Highway(150 km)

Toll Fee: 18000 won (About $15 US), Gas = 32000 won (about $30 US)

Option 3: Cap(Taxi)
Directly from Incheon International Airport to the Venue.
Estimated price =USD$230

Option 4:
Please contact if you would like special Van/car arrangement for your team.


Coming soon..

Nearby attraction and Thing to do:

1. Local Music & Surfing Festival

One of the famous Music & Surfing festival named Midnight Festival (offering Surfing and SUP lessons along with Music Concert with K-Pop stars) is scheduled on July 12th to 14th in Goseong beach. Therefore tourists or AST participants could join this festival on the day before or after AST Race. (20 Mins drive from the venue)


2. Jumujin lighthouse: 1min by car

3. Jumunjin fish market: 3mins by car

4. TV drama “Doggebi” filming location: 5mins by

5. BTS Album location: 6mins by car

6. Anmok coffee street: 20mins by car


SUP Travel information

“Surf Ocean- Yang Yang Juckdo” where people can enjoy

Surfing, SUP surfing, and SUP. (Including Rentals and Lessons)

Surf Ocean Juckdo Info:

Hyeon Nam Meon, Saenaru-Gil 43,

YangYang Gun, Korea




The following information apply to ALL stations:

Race groups

Asian Open Men
Asian Open Women
Asian Master O40 Men
Asian Master O40 Women
Asian Junior Boys
Asian Junior Girls
International Open Men
International Open Women


For Open Groups, participant can be of any age.
For O40 Groups, participant should be over age of 40
For Junior Groups, 
participant should be under age of 18
The Organizer reserves the right to verify the age of participants before, during and after the race.


For Asian Open/ Asian Junior Groups, participants need to have valid
1) Asian Passport; or
2) Permanent Identity Card in any Asia Countries; or
3) Permanent Citizenship Certificate in any Asia Countries. 

For International Category: 
Anyone regardless the nationality can join the international category. 

Note that each participant can only be either in Asian category or international category.
AST officials will verify passport or related document. 


Inflatable SUP board only:
14feet or below
Single hull 
Non-correctional fin 

AST officials will carry board Measurement before the race. 

Participants who use their own SUP board, paddle and PDF for the race should meet the requirement of Asia SUP Tour. 

If you need to rent iSUP or any equipment, please tick the YES for iSUP rental on registration form. 


As a safety precaution, all participants must wear personal buoyancy aids/ leash during the race, otherwise, you will result in disqualification.

Personal buoyancy aids may include life jackets, inflatable purses, inflatable vests, inflatable belt.

Race Jersey/ BIB no.

During the race, all participants must wear AST race jersey,
clearly showing the bib number to AST officials.

Note that no extra aids are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to swim fins, engines, wind catching devices, and personal support teams.



Please click the corresponding registration button at the Top of THIS page for each station.

Note that the registration period of each station is different, please stay tuned on our website or facebook page for the most up-to-date info.

 After Registration, What’s next?
After completing the registration form and the payment,
AST staff will contact you within 3 working days via e-mail.
If you have completed the form and finished the payment,
but there is no staff contact you within 3 working days, please contact to

HOW TO PAY THE registration fee

1. Paypal is the online payment system we use on the registration link. Process with the registration on Webscorer and select your payment method on the confirmation page.

Note there will be a 5% service charge from Paypal and/or Webscorer.

2. Participants can also do the bank transfer via western union to HSBC Hong Kong Bank Account within 3 working days after submitting the registration form and send the receipt to (Note that there will be handling fee from Western Union)

Banking Information:

Account Name: Sonic Composite (HK) Company Limited Account no.: 112-315957-838
Bank: HSBC Hong Kong
Bank Address: 1Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Deadline for registration

Tai Wan Station: 10/5/2019
Korea Station: 28/6/2019
Hong Kong Station: 2/8/2019
Japan Station: 13/9/2019

Racer’s Pack

Racer pack includes Racing shirt, booklet and souvenirs(it depends on the station).

Racer Shirt Size Reference (it may be vary from each station):


Once you have chosen the size on the registration form, it cannot be changed.

Preparation for Race Day

What to wear

  Please put on proper water-sports wear and water shoes(suggested). 

Remember to put the official bib number T-shirt on you at all times during the races.

For those who are wearing glasses or sunglasses, putting a strap on your glasses will make sure you don’t lose them when you fall in the water.

What to Bring

Please bring your ID card for identity verification.

 Please do not deposit valuable item(s). The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

 Participants should prepare a set of clothes for change after the activity.

You may prepare water-sports wear, water shoes, towel, water bottle (drinks), light snacks, sunscreen…etc

Do I have to buy Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organizer. 

Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately. 

Participants are also advised to seek medical advice before the race to check if they are fit enough to complete the distance they have entered.

PRE-RACE Registration / Briefing

Participants are suggested to arrive at least 30mins early to sign up at registration area and attended the race briefing, please be reminded that the race will not be postponed because of individuals punctuality.



All race participants must observe and obey the race rules at all time,
and in some cases, follow the safety boat / organiser’s instructions.

Results / RANKING

Results Announcement

The list of winners will be announced on the result board at the Registration Area on race day.

Full results of all finishers will be announced via the Asia SUP Tour facebook page and website.

Asia SUP Ranking

All the Asian group will get a placing in Asia SUP Ranking at the end of the Asia SUP Tour 2019.

Please click here to download the detail calculation info.

Point System for each League (Station):

Overall Placing of each league is determined by the sum of the point for long distance and 200m. 

If racers have same sum up point (the point for long distance+ the point for 200m), racers with higher score at long distance will get higher overall placing.

Overall point is based on the overall placing of the racers.

The point system is applicable for Asian Open Men/ Asian Open Women/Asian Master O40 Men/Asian Master O40 Women/ Asian Junior Boys/Asian Junior Girls.

Annual Overall Ranking

Annual Overall ranking = 3 personal best scores in overall result from 3 stations

For Annual Overall ranking, AST will automatically use the three best overall results(point) from each individual to calculate the point for annual overall result.

Example 1:

If participant has joined 5 races, AST will pick the three of the best overall results from three leagues to be his/her annual overall results.

Example 2:

If participant has joined 2 races, AST will use the overall results from two leagues to be his/her annual overall results.

If the racers have the same point for annual overall point, then they will share the same placing.

Example 3:

If the annual overall point of a racer A and racer B are both 2500 (2nd higher score in the ranking), then they will both be 2nd place in Asian ranking. Also, they will share the prize money for 2nd place and 3rd place.

MEDALs & Ranking