????????WE WANT YOU!! Local SUP Race Organizers!!????????

Asia SUP Tour is now looking for more interested Local Race organizers to be our partners, and organizing Asia SUP Tour 2020 in your region!!
In 2019, we have partnered up with 4 local race organizers in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. With the utmost effort we have put in, The first Asia SUP Tour 2019 was Successful. Everything started from zero, but a dream of having its very own Asian SUP Ranking and Tour style of racing in Asia. It turns out to be a good idea. More Asian Paddlers and SUP Clubs are connected, we know more about each other sport culture, SUP Travel spots, regional athletes, SUP development, etc.
Therefore, In 2020, we would like to take Asia SUP Tour further by getting more Asian regions involved; expanding the idea of “TOUR”. Let more people exploring the hidden germs of SUP spots; connecting more clubs & paddlers; developing the SUP Sports in different Asian regions.
Let’s the seed of Asia SUP Tour spreading and germinating in more regions!
**Email us to find out more details!**
For a more detailed proposal, please download the document below.

Also, Great thanks for the partners in 2019, we have set a good foundation to Asia SUP Tour and AST is looking forwards to our cooperation in 2020 again!!
Whatzsup TW
Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association (HKSUPBA)
SAWARNA Stand Up Paddle


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