Become one of the franchise clubs in Asia SUP Tour


Asia SUP Tour website acts as an online hub, gathering SUP news, events, races, athletes and clubs information among Asia countries. We aim to promote and help with the growth of SUP sport and connect SUP clubs among Asia Countries. In 2019, we have held Asia SUP Tour 2019 League races in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

We want to invite you to provide us with your club information, including detailed Club information/ SUP lessons/ tour/ local events/ SUP news/ athletes information, and so forth. Asia SUP Tour will post all the information on our website for free; help publish your clubs tour/lesson, local event on our website, instagram and facebook all for free.   We would like to explore more SUP Travel destination in Asia!

It involves no fee, no additional or hidden charge for posting club information via Asia SUP Tour.

On the other hand, we would like to connect SUP clubs in Asia to create a win-win situation and make a stronger SUP network. By doing so, we would like to invite your club to provide discount (Suggested 10-20%off, but not necessary) to AST franchised SUP clubs and AST customers upon booking.

*Please note that Asia SUP Tour is only providing a platform to connect SUP Clubs among Asia. We won’t be involved in any situation that happens between SUP Clubs.

Find Out more at
1. The Franchised Club Proposal:
2. AST website for the reference:

If you are interested in getting your information posted on our website, please contact

Last but not least, Asia SUP Tour is holding Asia SUP Tour 2020. We want to invite more nations to be our race organizing partners; if you’re interested, I am happy to provide you with the most updated plan.


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