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Thank you for participating in the Asia SUP Tour 2019 –Hong Kong, organized by Asia SUP Tour and Hong Kong Standup Paddle Board Association, on August 17 at Sha Ha Beach, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. With the local event MVISION 5th Hong Kong International SUP Championship, more than 130 athletes were joining the event including athletes from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Denmark, Hungary, Canada, etc.

We had a perfect racing condition on that day, the water was flat with light wind, and it was a bit cloudy to begin with. Unlike the last two stops in Taiwan and Korea, the biggest challenge for the paddlers wasn’t fighting for the swell and waves, most of the paddlers were having difficulties racing in the heat and humidity. Athletes managed to overcome it and perform well.

We had 8km for Open and 4km for Junior Category, and it was epic to see all the racers doing the beach start at the same time. Korean Racer Han Sung Ho had a really good start and lead. Unfortunately, he got off track and Meng Chun Shih from Taiwan took the lead and finished at 1st place, followed by Jack Seymour from Hong Kong just right at his tail.Gon Tachibanawas firing from the start to the end, kept good lead-in women pack, followed by Tomoe  Yasu.李若琪from Taiwan got shoulder injured before coming to HK, but she still held on and make it to 3rd.

After all the battles,Alan Ng from Hong Kong, Yu Tachibana from Japan got the overall Champions for Asian Open Men and Asian Open Women respectively. For Junior Category,河島飛鳥from Japan and Hyo Ju Yang from Korea defended their overall champion titles from Korea Stop. ZhengHao Zhou from China, first time to join AST event got the Overall Champion for O40Men.

There was a special moment for all the audience and novice paddlers on that day, as the organizer had arranged a 1km warm up loop session, allowing everybody paddling together at the same time, so that the audiences and novice paddlers can get the experiences of paddling with other Elite Asian Racers, sharing all the good vibes and excitement. The highlight was one of the top International Paddlers Daniel Hasulyohad arrived on time to join us for this moment.

SUP Racing is for everyone. Even tho the novice paddlers had a chance to race in the novice race category. One of the Novice paddlers told us he had participated in 1+1 Package (1 Training and 1 race) from HKSUPBA, it was really a good experience for him to be one of the athletes and meet friends from different countries.

Last but not least, there were lots of sponsors supporting Asia SUP Tour 2019- Hong Kong, providing us drinks, snack, beers, tools, equipment, booth and etc. These make the event successfully held. We express our great appreciation to all the sponsors and athletes who come to join our event!

In the end, one of the top International paddlersCasper Steinfathshowed up and took the group picture with all of the paddlers, event ended with a loud and powerful Viking Roar!

After all the hard work, there was a BBQ party, with a nice arrangement and hospitality from Hong Kong. Hope everyone had a wonderful time here.

Thank you for the great supports from HKSUPBA and Bluesky Sports Club, and all of the sponsors to make this amazing event happened!

Hope to see you all soon in Fukuoka, Japan for the last stop on 28 September.

由AST亞洲直立板聯盟與HKSUPBA(香港直立板總會)聯合舉辦的2019 Asia SUP Tour(亞洲直立板聯賽)香港站賽事,8月17日在香港西貢沙下沙灘舉行。聯合當地的年度經典賽事 MVISION 第五屆香港直立板(槳板)國際錦標賽,共有超過130名來自丹麥、加拿大、匈牙利、臺灣、韓國、香港、中國、日本、菲律賓等不同国家和地區的賽員,參加到此次的賽事當中。


8公里的賽事,需要完成2圈路線。來自韓國的賽員Han Sung Ho,在第一圈以領先5塊板位的優勢一馬當先,香港選手Alan 和Himson、Jack 以及臺灣選手孟均形成團隊,互相追逐尾流。第二圈過後,孟均與Jack 從梯隊中爆發出來並甩開其他選手,以領先第三名5分鐘的優勢沖線,孟均以44分55秒獲得冠軍,Jack 以15秒之差位列第二。日本女選手Yu Tachibana 從出發到衝刺都光速領先,帶領公開女子組的選手在賽道完美表現。第二名是來自日本的Tomoe Yasu,來自臺灣的李若琪雖在抵港之前右肩受傷,但依然以驚人的毅力,獲得第三名。

所有賽項結束後,本土選手伍英麟和日本選手Yu Tachibana分別獲得了男女子公開組的冠軍。青少年組別,來自日本的Asuka 和韓國的楊孝朱,則繼續從韓國站贏下來的冠軍頭銜。來自中國上海的147 ,第一次參加亞洲聯賽,就獲得了男子資深組的分站冠軍。

當日也有設置1km 的巡遊環節,給所有的觀眾和新手參賽者和亞洲的精英選手一起通常劃板,國際頂級玩家Daniel Hasulyo 也和大家一起在1km 熱身巡遊的過程中,共同享受水面輕鬆愉悅的節奏。

直立板競速是開放給每個人的,即使是剛接觸SUP沒多久的玩家,也可以在新手賽中獲得樂趣。其中一位賽員說,他從未想過自己能成為一位運動員,但暑假參加的是由HKSUPBA 提供的1+1培訓課程( 1次入門訓練及1場賽事)後,在訓練和賽事活動中,認識到來自不同地方的朋友,覺得這個夏天過得很有意義。

非常感謝支持2019 亞洲聯賽香港站的所有贊助商,為賽事提供飲料、零食、器材及其中設備。助力賽事的成功舉行。再次感謝所有參與到賽事活動當中的運動員和贊助商。

在頒獎典禮上,剛下飛機的Casper 抵達了現場並和所有參賽者一同合照。是日的賽事,在具有能量的維京咆哮中結束。


Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association (HKSUPBA)
Blue Sky Sports Club




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