We had a lovely time! Thank you! – Taiwan Race Recap


多謝大家參加5月25日由Asia SUP Tour 與CTSA 及Whatzsup TW 合辦的Asia SUP Tour 2019 – Taiwan。當日連同CTSA的選手,大約有80多位運動員同場比賽,有來自台灣,日本,香港,韓國的選手,朋友及觀眾,場面十分熱鬧。


SUP在很多亞洲地區是剛剛起步,對比於國際賽事中的運動員,水平及技術上都有很大的進步空間。Asia Sup Tour 希望透過跨區賽事,令運動員更加可以大開眼界,不但只在自己的地區比賽,還可接觸不同地方的運動員,向水平高的運動員學習,跟差不多水平的運動員較量,鼓勵剛起步的運動員。我們好希望製造一個平台,通過比賽,旅遊,培訓,資源互換,令亞洲各地區的SUP社群集中起來,連繫各類玩家,令SUP在亞洲區札根。

期望7月13日在第二站Asia SUP Tour-韓國看見大家!

Thank you for participating in the Asia SUP Tour 2019 – Taiwan, organized by Asia SUP Tour, CTSA and Whatzsup TW on May 25. There were around 80 athletes, including both AST and CTSA racers participated in the event. They are from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

On the race day, the sun was shining, but the wind was howling with 1.5m waves. The condition was challenging for most of the racers. Many of the non-experienced athletes were not able to deal with the adverse sea condition. However, every athlete has tried their best to get past the impact zone. There were tears of disappointment from athletes, but there were strength and strong-mind on the other hand. Every athlete is continually trying, including a young racer who was only nine years old. We also saw the athletes who completed the competition proud of their persistence. Morale has not been sunk. At the 200m race afternoon, the wind and waves have not died down, but after the athletes have absorbed the experience and got instructions from the coach, most athletes can go past the impact zone. Every race can make progress, and it can ignite the fire of an athlete.

SUP is just getting started in many Asian regions. Compared with athletes in international races, Asia racers have lots of room for improvement in terms of level and skills. Asia Sup Tour hopes that through cross-regional races, athletes can see more of the outside SUP community, not only in their regions, but also in different places; to learn from professional athletes, compete with athletes of similar levels, and encourage new paddlers. We hope to create a platform to gather and connect the SUP community in various Asian regions. Exchanging resources through races, SUP Travel and training.

Hope to see you all at the second stop of Asia SUP Tour! July 13 in Korea!

Whatzsup TW
Chinese Taipei Surfing Association – 中華民國衝浪運動協會


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