ASIA SUP TOUR 2019 announcement

The biggest SUP event in Asia. Season is coming


Asia SUP Tour

Taiwan: 25th May
China: TBC
Korea: 6th July
Hong Kong: 17th August
Japan: 28th September

Taiwan, Jinshan
China: TBC
Korea, Gimpo
Hong Kong, Sai Kung
Japan, Fukuoka

For the very first time in history, Asia SUP Tour is going to hold Asia SUP Tour 2019 across 5 different regions in Asia including Taiwan, China, Korea, Hong Kong China and Japan. It will be one of the largest SUP events in Asia.

We are delighted to invite all of the paddlers from Asia and the world over to join our event. The highlight of the event would be racing in 5 different regions, the racing venues would either be embraced in the tourist area or a popular scenic route itself. You can definitely see both sides of the cosmopolitan city and the natural beauty of Asia.

Not only can you do the Asia SUP Tour 2019, but also you can explore regions in Asia, experience a variety of Asian cultures via SUP travel.

Event Purpose:
Asia SUP Tour aims to
1) Create Asian SUP Ranking

Asia SUP Tour would like to create Asian SUP Ranking for Asian and make it as the reliable standard to score Asian athletes.

2) Find Asia SUP Hero
At the end of Asia SUP Tour, we would be able to find out from Asian SUP Ranking who is the highest score and crowned him and her to be the top paddlers in Asia – Asia SUP Hero.

3) Promote & popularize SUP sports among Asia
Asia SUP Tour will invite both elite and amateur paddlers from Asia and the world over to participate in the event.
In order to do sports and cultural exchanges; learn from each other and absorb race experience; helping the youth for future SUP development; increase the race level and athlete quality via racing with a diversity of competitors. Meanwhile, promoting SUP travel in Asia.

Race Category:

* Racers can bring your own inflatable board (14 feet or below)
*Racers can rent the iSUP from local race organizers
(First come first serve basis, the iSUP board and the rental prices are different for each station, please find out on the online


Age Categories:
Open Men: Male of any age
Open Women: Female of any age
Junior Boy: Boy 18 years and under
Junior Girl: Girl 18 years and under

– The birthday of a Junior racer should before 31st, Dec 2001

For Asian Open/ Asian Junior Groups, racers need to have valid
1) Asian Passport; or
2) Permanent Identity Card in any Asia Countries; or
3) Permanent Citizenship Certificate in any Asia Countries

For International Category:
Anyone regardless the nationality can join the international category.

Note that each person can only be either Asian category or international category.
Passport or related document will be verified by AST officials.

Prize will be updated on AST Website.

1. All participants must wear personal buoyancy aids/ leash during the race, otherwise, result in disqualification.
Personal buoyancy aids include life jackets, inflatable purses, inflatable vests, inflatable belt etc.
2. Follow the instructions of each regions specific safety requirement.

Deadline for registration:
Tai Wan Station: 10/5/2019
China Station: TBC
Korea Station: 21/6/2019
Hong Kong Station: 2/8/2019
Japan Station: 13/9/2019

Registration Fee:
Package price for each region will be released in early March.

Racing route and Race Rules:
Race routes, race rules and point system for each region will be released on the AST website before each race, stay tuned with us.

The suggestion list of transportation from airport/ suggested accommodation to race venues for each region will be released in early March.

The suggestion list of accommodation near race venues for each region will be released in early March.

Registration form:
Paddlers can register both Asia SUP Tour 2019 races and local races via AST website.
The registration link will be released in early March.

Contact method:

Wechat: tiotio910
Phone: +852 52205111/+86 17817491120

Each regions contact method:
Tai Wan:
Hong Kong, China:

Brand/ Company Cooperation & Sponsorships:
We are looking for sponsorship and brand cooperation, if you’re interested. Please contact us for more details.

Please like and follow:
Wechat: AST亞洲直立板聯盟
Instagram: asiasuptour



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