Casper Steinfath’s Speech on ISAWorlds Hainan Closing Ceremony

Enjoy your days in paradise. Never forget what it feels like to win


ISA Vice President and five-time ISA Gold Medalist Casper Steinfath (DEN) addressed the crowd at the Closing Ceremony:

This year, China, Chinese Taipei and Iran took part in the #ISAWORLDS for the first time. Let’s give then the big applause. And speaking about new faces. This year we have two new junior world champions. For me personally, give them applauses as well.

 This auditioned event of the junior is the best things ever. To watch the groms competing for medal it’s truly inspiring me. And we, the old one, must watch their back .as the future start to SUP is knocking at our doorstep, and they are hungry.

To all the new world champions, enjoy your days in paradise. Never forget what it feels like to win – whether it’s Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper – or just completing that brutal long distance in the heat yesterday.

And to all of you who, like me, have no shining medals today, and that’s life, you win some and you lose some. These ISA Worlds are much more than just finding new World Champions. It is a time to meet and greet old and new friends. It is a time to build new bridges across cultures. It is a time to have fun and to cheer for everyone.

We ISA have learned a lot from this event. We will go back home and create better event in the future. I personally invite all of you here today and all of you out there to take part in this job. Let us know how we can make #ISAWORLDS great.

I can tell you that the ISA is committed to SUP for the long run and all together, let’s continue to make this sport the best in the world. Cause we love it

we’ve learned alot during 10 days in Hainan , we’ve learned alot from the Chinese people. You are open, always happy and helpful. I will try be more like you  when i go back to Cold Hawaii.

Thank you Hainan, You are amazing. 谢谢海南,你很棒


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