The 1st Asia SUP Championship 2018

Race Report



There are more than 90 Asian paddlers joining the 1st Asia SUP Championship organized by Asia SUP Tour, Mahalo Club, it ended successfully with lots of smiles and happiness even with the rough sea.

The 1st Asia SUP Championship on June 3 was being affected by winds from two tropical depressions, making the sea condition particularly challenging.
With the Force 4, 5 wind, lots of paddlers have put effort in challenging themselves to compete in the race and got an awesome outcome. Not only is the race ranking, but also the experiences, the friendships and the spirits of up taking challenges.

On the day of the competition, there were 9KM elite, 6KM, 3KM distance races, 200M and 4X1KM relay race. There were open men’s groups, open woman’s groups, over 35 years groups and youth groups. Participants ranged from 10 to 50 years old.

After the race, “this is a very challenging but interesting race” said by many racers. As many paddlers in China are good at SUPing in rivers or lakes and rarely SUP in open waters, making the race a new challenge for many racers. This race undoubtedly tested the balance and strength of the racers, yet there were still lots of racers kept paddling and got to the finish line.

All the races were very exciting, coupled with crosswinds and wind waves, racers had to be hard-cored. The top three winner in the elite group Man’s open are Kenny from Japan, Alan Ng from Hong Kong, and Himson Wong from Hong Kong. In the elite woman’s group, there were only two women who have completed the race. The first was Sachiko Teruyama from Japan and second was Tio Ching from Hong Kong.

This event also attracted a lot of newcomers and youngsters to participate. There were a 10 years old boys, finishing 3km with an award.

On the other hands, big congratulation to the team from Asia SUP Tour having a good result in the race. Asia SUP Tour has also taken the Champion in the relay race.
Coach Alan Ng-9KM Elite Men’s Overall 1st Runner-Up, 200m Open Men’s Champion
Coach Tio Ching – 9KM Elite Women’s Overall 1st Runner-Up, 200m Open Women’s Champion
Assistant Coach Moli Yuen- 200m Open Women’s 1st Runner-Up
Coach Gao Hongyu – 6KM Open Men’s the Fifth Place

Most importantly, special thanks to the sponsors for their support to help promote the SUP event,which make the event run smoothly. Thanks for Naish, Sharelife Sports, Blue Sky Sports Club, Regal Earn, HKSUPBA, New Power, Vaquita.

Asia SUP Tour aims to hold Asia SUP Races in different parts of Asia, internationalize Asian SUP events to international standards, and engage in sports and cultural exchanges with people from different Asia places.

Asia SUP Tour, Mahalo Club provides youth SUP training, Racer training program, SUP certificate courses,SUP surfing course, etc. We have a professional team to ensure the safety and have fun. Please contact us for more details-

See you next year at the Asia SUP Championship again! Thank you all.

Photos by GaryLauWorkshop
Race Photos:…/120Hi1cN6fHIr3sIlrgWGwNMtSqRkoV_T…

Naish Hong Kong
Asia SUP Tour
Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association (HKSUPBA)
Blue Sky Sports Club


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